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The peaceful, quiet town of Townsend offers residents an enjoyable rural community complete with small businesses and a convenient location for outdoor recreational activities. The area is wonderful for those looking to settle down and retire or raise a family, but pest invasions can easily interrupt this peace.

When pests infiltrate your Townsend home or business, Chester County pest control provided by our Delmar Pest Control team is the company you need to contact. We have over 25 years in business and come from independent, family-owned roots, making us experts in stress-free, effective pest control solutions. We’ll waste no time getting to work and removing any pest problem you face in the Townsend area.

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Residential Pest Control In Townsend

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Pest invasions around your Townsend residence are a recipe for disaster due to pest infestations' many health and safety issues. Fortunately, with the in-depth inspections of your property that Delmar Pest Control provides and our customized treatment solutions, we can eradicate any pest invader you come across in your Townsend home.

We offer free inspections for our residential pest control plans and base our treatment solutions on the conditions and pest problem areas an inspection turns up. We consider your concerns and will always discuss how to prevent future pest problems with you after we have provided treatment. We can safeguard your Townsend home against any pest invader year-round.

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Commercial Pest Control In Townsend

Keeping pests out of your Townsend business is essential if you want to maintain proper health and safety standards and ensure that your reputation in the community stays positive. With the help of Delmar Pest Control, you can achieve this and rely on our ongoing commercial pest control plans to protect your property against pests.

We always begin our commercial pest control plans with a thorough inspection of your property to evaluate your needs. From there, we discuss treatment solutions with you and set a schedule of routine maintenance that helps us eliminate active pest issues and keep them gone. In no time, your commercial property will be safely pest-free, and your business will operate as successfully as possible.

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Cockroaches Causing Problems For Homeowners In Townsend

Cockroaches are one of the worst pests to pick up in Townsend due to how quickly a cockroach infestation can spread out of control and the various health and safety problems that roaches can bring to your property. An infestation of this pest can easily make you or your loved ones sick through the surface and food contamination. They will leave behind property damage as these cockroaches crawl everywhere, and trigger allergies, asthma, and respiratory issues. Plus, the larger your cockroach problem, the more likely it is that those in your home will contract serious illnesses and allergic reactions; cockroaches multiply fast around homes, so it isn’t difficult to reach severe infestation levels.

To avoid the many problems caused by cockroaches in Townsend, you need to invest in cockroach control from our professionals at Delmar Pest Control. Our team will stop at nothing to ensure that your home is free from this dangerous pest and that cockroaches are kept far away from your property in the long term. 

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What's The Difference Between Hornets & Wasps In Townsend?

Many Townsend residents may wonder what the difference is between hornets and wasps. After all, these pests are stinging insects in Townsend that may cause serious issues. However, hornets and wasps differ in a few key ways.

Take note of the following differences between hornets and wasps to understand more about these pests:

  • Wasps have a more slender body, while hornets have rounder, fatter bodies.
  • Hornets are typically seen with yellow bodies and black stripes, while wasps range in color from yellow with black bars to solid red, blue, or black.
  • Hornets are generally less aggressive than wasps and are less likely to swarm and sting you; wasps are known for their aggressive stinging habits.
  • Hornet stings hurt more than wasp stings due to their more potent venom.
  • Hornet and wasps nests vary in size, color, and shape, though the specifics depend on the exact type of wasp or hornet you have encountered.

Additionally, if you need stinging insect control in Townsend, don’t hesitate to reach out to Delmar Pest Controls at the first sign of this pest on your property. Professional stinging insect control is necessary to prevent accidental stings and avoid the serious risks that DIY hornet or wasp removal can bring.

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