What To Do About Spiders In Wilmington And The Surrounding Areas

black widow spider and eggs

Do you know why spiders invade homes here in Wilmington and the surrounding areas of Delaware, Pennsylvania, and Maryland? It isn’t to spend time with you and your family. For some reason, these eight-legged pests like your living areas. Here is what you should do about the spiders in and around your Wilmington home and surrounding areas and how to get and keep them out for good.

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What Do Spiders In Wilmington And The Surrounding Areas Look Like?

More than a few types of spiders call our area home. The good news is that most local species prefer to live outdoors and will seldom invade local dwellings. Remember, there are some kinds of spiders that break in frequently.

The two most common invaders are house spiders and wolf spiders. House spiders are web-weaving arachnids with yellowish brown, 1/8 to 5/16 inch long bodies, bulbous abdomens, and dirty white and dark stripes across their body and legs. The wolf spider hunts for its prey from the ground and is 1/4 to 1 3/8 inches long, dark brown, furry, and has pale, sometimes yellow markings. 

Is It Dangerous To Have Spiders In My Home?

Of the many species of spider that live in our area, only two pose a direct medical threat, the brown recluse spider and the black widow spider. These arachnids have potent venom capable of killing small animals and seriously injuring humans and larger predators.

The good news is that these dangerous spiders are not aggressive. They will not leave their hunting area or web to attack. They only bite when they feel directly threatened or become trapped. You should have no trouble avoiding a painful bite if you don’t stick your hand into dark holes, sit on questionable-looking chairs, or do other similar activities. If you do get bitten, seek medical attention immediately. 

To deal with an active infestation of dangerous spiders inside your home, contact the professionals at Delmar Pest Control.

Easy & Effective Spider Prevention Tips

There are two main ways to prevent spiders. The simplest and most effective option is to hire a pest control professional. The second and more involved approach involves DIY strategies. Here are a few ways to prevent spiders in your home with DIY:

  • Seal holes, gaps, and openings around your home’s exterior foundation.
  • Make sure your windows and doors are in good repair.
  • Fix damaged screens, weatherstripping, and door sweeps.
  • Repair other damage to your home’s exterior that might allow spiders entry indoors.
  • Turn off exterior lights at night to deter the pests spiders invade to hunt.

Do not hesitate to contact Delmar Pest Control for more information about professional spider control.

The Secret To Total Spider Control In Wilmington

There is only one guaranteed way to get and keep spiders out of your home: hire a professional. If you are looking for expert pest technicians to treat your home like their own, consider Delmar Pest Control. We go above and beyond to provide exemplary services and would be happy to service your home and property for pest problems. 

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