Pest Spotlight: Dealing With Bats In Wilmington & Surrounding Areas

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Creatures that crawl or fly around at night are naturally scarier than ones that move during the day. Why do you think this is? We believe it has a lot to do with darkness and the uncertainty it creates. Today we will be talking about one nighttime pest that brings a lot of uncertainty to Wilmington homeowners. Here is what you should know about the bats in Wilmington and some tips to keep these pests off your property. To deal with an existing infestation in your home or outbuilding, call Delmar Pest Control. We will help you evaluate your risk and find pest control in Wilmington and the surrounding area that meets your needs.

What Attracts Bats To Your Home?

Unlike most pests here in Wilmington, bats are not interested in invading your main living areas. You will almost never find one of these night creatures fluttering around inside your kitchen or living room. They prefer to stay hidden inside attic spaces where they won’t be bothered. The safety your attic and outbuildings provide is the main thing that attracts bats to your home. They will sleep in these areas during the day and then leave your home at night to hunt for bugs and other food. If bats do not have an easy way to get in and out of your home, they will have a hard time establishing a nest indoors.

What Is The Easiest Way To Deter Bats?

There are multiple approaches for bat control. Some are involved and require a lot of effort. If you are interested in DIY bat control, prepare yourself for some hard work. It takes quite a lot to pest-proof a structure. If you are looking for the easiest method for deterring bats, professional bat pest control is your best option. There is nothing easier than letting an expert inspect your home and implement advanced strategies to remove and keep out pests like bats. The only question is, who should you trust with the care of your home? For homes in Wilmington and the surrounding areas, Delmar Pest Control is a great choice. If you are committed to trying DIY, this is what you need to know.

Five Tips To Keeping Bats Off Your Property

Combating bats on your own is not easy, but if your home does not have a current infestation, here are five exclusion tips to keep bats from invading your attic.

  1. Repair damage to your home’s windows and doors. In addition to this, make sure screens are in good working condition.
  2. Install a rodent/bat-proof cap on your chimney.
  3. Make sure your chimney is in good repair and properly sealed.
  4. Address damage to your home’s roofline.
  5. Install metal screens on vents that lead out of your home

If you are more interested in professional bat control services near you, let our team at Delmar Pest Control lend a helping hand. 

Efficient Bat Removal In Wilmington And The Surrounding Areas

If you are looking for bat control services near you, do not look any further. Our experts at Delmar Pest Control understand these attic dwellers and know how to remove these pests from your home. We will help you deal with any existing infestations and utilize our tools and experience to prevent future problems. We can also help if you are having trouble with other local wildlife or common pest invaders. 

Contact us if you have questions about our pest control for bats. We will get you the information you need to make an informed decision for your property and schedule an appointment for your home.

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