Are Mosquito Bites In Wilmington Dangerous?

mosquito biting skin feeding on blood

For mosquitoes to live, they nibble on you and swallow your blood. They can do so without you feeling anything or without spotting them. Just the itchy and red bites they create will come to your attention. Few outdoor ventures will be free of these bugs. Professional pest control in Wilmington is your best bet to get rid of mosquitoes. 

While a disturbing fact, mosquitoes in Wilmington can bring dangerous consequences. Not only do they take fluid from humans, but they also get it from animals. Given this, you can expect disease transmission. Independent ways to repel mosquitoes aren't as effective as many people assume. Learn how to triumph over these insects and what Delmar Pest Control can do to help. 

How Mosquitoes Contribute To The Ecosystem

For all their faults, mosquitoes are helpful to the environment. They are pollinating insects that retrieve nectar from greenery, and they are nutritious to other creatures. 

Mosquitoes in Wilmington range from 1/4 to 3/8 of an inch long, which is why their name translates to "little fly." These pests aren't very attractive, as they have scales all over their wings and bodies. Further, they aren't proportionate; their legs are thin, but their noses are huge.

Considering blood improves the production of eggs, female mosquitoes are the munchers. You'll have red bumps on your skin because humans have allergies to the insect's saliva. Water facilitates breeding and endurance too. For example, the organisms help larvae develop normally. Standing pools are an attraction point for mosquitoes, so properties with a body of water are most vulnerable. Grassy and woody locations present an issue as well. 

Mosquitoes get indoors through structural cracks and open windows and doors. They will hide in dark areas with some form of dampness, like a basement, laundry room, or closet. You'll know you have an infestation if you have body welts for an extended period or see these bugs.

Why Mosquitoes Around Your Home Are A Big Problem

Keep in mind that mosquitoes can multiply in sizable numbers at a quick rate. These pests will tirelessly swarm around you and cover you with bites. The worst-case scenario is that you'll contract a disease.

The Diseases Mosquitoes Can Transmit 

Diseases you can get from mosquitoes are major. While not all mosquitoes have an illness to communicate, it's judicious to be aware of common conditions and symptoms: 

  • Dengue: Rashes, fever, and nausea
  • Chikungunya (incurable): Joint pain and fever
  • Yellow Fever: Heart, kidney, and liver complications
  • Malaria: Sweating and chills 
  • Zika Virus: Fever, muscle pain, and rash 
  • West Nile Virus: Fever and mild headaches 

These are just some of the many diseases mosquitoes can transmit. If you don't want to risk yourself or a loved one contracting these types of diseases, the only way to guarantee it is to prevent mosquito populations around your yard. 

Natural Ways To Keep Mosquitoes Away From Your Yard

Mint, camphor salve, apple cider vinegar, basil, coffee grounds, and garlic are home remedies to kill mosquitoes. These items are merged with water and used as a spray or sitting solution. You won't beat these infestations; just individual bugs may die. Here are some ways to repel mosquitoes that are more successful: 

  • Lighting candles made with essential oils 
  • Laying mosquito traps; make sure you clean them out regularly 
  • Eliminating standing water; drain swimming areas and pet drinking bowls when not in use
  • Cutting the grass and trimming greenery on a routine basis
  • Flushing gutters often

You have to employ tough approaches to get rid of mosquitoes. They won't leave without a fight. Since the diseases you can get from mosquitoes are a threat, look to the advanced treatments of Delmar Pest Control for protection. We do yard fogging monthly, spring through fall, and also offer single-service visits for those special occasions. Home remedies to kill mosquitoes are costly, toxic, and useless. Call us today for a free estimate!

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